Matthew Tyler-Howells


Video Content Creator

Cardiff, Wales, UK

(+44) 07486 439224


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MAGIX Vegas Pro

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English | Anglais | Saesneg


French | Fran├žais | Ffrangeg

Level 3

Welsh | Gallois | Cymraeg

Level 2

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Work Experience

Writer, Producer and Host / cine2
Sep 2017 - Current

Creator, writer, producer and host of YouTube web-series cine2 - a playlist dedicated to helping aspiring student filmmakers.

Was team leader during the project, assigning team roles to other members within the team. I worked closely with my colleagues in the St. Teilo's Media Department to help me with this project.

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Director of Key Stage 3 Media Studies / St. Teilo's Media
Jul 2015 - Current

Responsible for the teaching of 11 to 14 year old media students at St. Teilo's Church in Wales High School.

Was also tasked with creating course resources for the department, which involved extensive media research and participating in extra-curricular media revision clubs.

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Content Creator / MATTHEW'S Media Networks (UK)
Nov 2009 - Current

Creator of the MATTHEW'S Media Networks (UK) group, a project set up by myself to provide media services to companies and the public.

I have participated in multiple projects within this group, including operating a web radio station, a web TV streaming service and event videography.

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St. Teilo's Church in Wales High School
Sep 2013 - Current

Studying compulsory:

  • GCSE English (Literature and Language)
  • GCSE Biology
  • GCSE Chemistry
  • GCSE Physics
  • GCSE Mathematics (Mathematics + Maths Numeracy)

Studying option subjects:

  • GCSE Religious Studies
  • GCSE French
  • GCSE Music

Exam board: WJEC

Tredegarville Church in Wales Primary School
Apr 2005 - Jul 2013

Primary Stage Education (KS1 and KS2) at Tredegarville. Ended with KS2 level 5 in English, Science and Maths.

My Portfolio

Sky High AviationHD Intro Tests
Watch Here

Year: 2017
Role: Project co-ordinator / Camera / Editor
Client: Sky High AviationHD YouTube Channel

St. Teilo's Life Event - Intro Video
Watch Here

Year: 2016
Role: Camera / Editor
Client: St. Teilo's Student Chaplaincy Team

St. Teilo's News - S2E1
Watch Here

Year: 2016
Role: Host / Editor
Client: St. Teilo's Media Department

Matthew Tyler-Howells

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